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  1. Your 'URL extension' is the personalised part of your auction's web address. If you want your weblink to be then your 'URL extension' would be 'example'.

    Please take care when choosing your URL extension because this can NOT be modified once your account is setup.

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We need your Account details in order to let you login and control your very own online auction website (these are compulsory).

The About you information provides MyMiniAuction with your details in case we need to make contact (names, email & phone numbers are compulsory fields... not everybody has a website!).

About your auction - your auction name will appear as the title on the top right side of your auction page. It can be different to your URL extension name if you wish e.g. your URL may be but you may choose your Auction Name to be 'Freds Annual Fundrasier'.

As soon as you create an account your URL / weblink will be created. You will be then be supplied with a login to an administration page which allows you to build and control your auction content.