With a Freedom Rock® in all of Iowa's 99 counties nearing completion, we thought a great way to celebrate the end of the Tour was to do one last Freedom Rock in Iowa! All the towns (in IOWA) that missed out when a Freedom Rock was completed in their county are eligible. We thought this would be a fair way to give every county one last shot at a Freedom Rock. A good portion of the proceeds will go to a deserving Veterans Charity to be announced at a later date. Good Luck!

Auction Item Value Time Left Current Bid
100th Freedom Rock47 days 11 hrs 44 mins
8000.00 by MJK

Only towns [in IOWA] without a Freedom Rock are eligible. Bidders will be contacted shortly after bid is placed to confirm bid and bidder's identiy.

Winning bidder is responsible for rock, rock location, supplies, artist accomodation and travel.

25% of total winning bid due immediately, or winning bid reverts to next closest bid.


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Current Bid:
by MJK

100th Freedom Rock

 The 100th Freedom Rock! Original hand painted Freedom Rock mural on your rock. 

Catalogue Number: 100

Time remaining: 47 days 11 hrs 44 mins

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 100th Freedom Rock at sorensenstudios@yahoo.com.