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Gjika 10^n Guitar Amp, Gainmaster & Cable, with Cab, and Fuzz$12k-$25+kExpired
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    by Speedbump1961

    Gjika 10^n Guitar Amp, Gainmaster & Cable, with Cab, and Fuzz

    Gjika 10^n Guitar Amplifier, Gainmaster, and Cable - with 2x12 Speaker Cabinet and Germanium Fuzz Driver

    Serial number 60

    Whatever name you like will be hand-engraved by Bob on the back of the tube guard

    Full warranty, including all parts, for first year, after that parts will be charged (no labor) you pay shipping for all. Tubes are included, but not warranted. You are encouraged to call prior to bidding if you want advice on using other tubes. Tubes are Gold Lion KT77, or if the winning bidder wishes, JJ KT77s, Mullard reissue 12AX7 preamp and Gainmaster tubes, custom vetted by Bob, to be in the optimal range for performance.

    5' speaker cable included.

    2x12 closed back speaker cab with broken-in C90 speakers

    Bob's Gainmaster Germanium Fuzz Driver also included, so you have the full Gjika Amplification (mono) rig. For stereo rig, you need two of everything here, except the fuzz driver. If you are buying this to make stereo rig and do not want the fuzz, then you can subtract $750 from the winning bid.

    All sales are final. If you do not know what you are bidding on, then you are encouraged to visit our website,, our YouTube channel, where you can find multiple videos regarding the amps, tubes, and Bob's philosophy on guitar tone, amps and guitars.

    Payment will be by bank wire. You need to contact us within 12 hours of the end of the auction. Shipping is not included, but is available worldwide, we have shipped amps all over the world, and there are no geographic barriers to this auction. We normally ship by FedEx, fully insured. Winning bidder may choose shipping method or may also pick the amp up at our Arizona location. Please feel free to arrange to demo this amp, prior to bidding, by appointment.

    Our sincerest apologies to our waiting list players, and congratulations to the ones that made it under the wire. The tube shortage, combined with other factors (including but not limited to Bob's need to not breathe so much lead, his desire to build his guitars, health issues, the limited number of NOS parts to actually build as many amps as we have inquiries...) has made us explore this selling format, to give the amps that will be produced to those who truly desire and will cherish them (dissueding resale) and optimizing Bob's time and expense in creating them.

    We reserve the right to withdraw this auction at any time, or to disallow bids from bidders who are not autorized to bid. Please contact 928-830-6339 to get pre-authorized. If winning bidder is disqualified, then the next highest bidder would become the winner.

    We wish the amps were cheaper and less time-consuming to build. That way everyone could get one, but that is not the case, and we truly wish to get them into the best hands, make a bit of a profit on each one, and feel less stressed about the "waiting list".

    May the Fourth be with you!



    (for Bob Gjika)

    PS - any questions, call....

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