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We will periodically offer woodworking items for sale here.  Proceeds will go to the AWA general budget unless the item donor specifies otherwise.

Auction Item Value Time Left Current Bid
Dewalt Planer Knives and Head100Expired
55.00 by Simnacher
Pill Bottle Part HolderExpired
10.00 by ricknor

An invoice will be sent by email to the winning bidder. The invoice  can be paid by mailing a check to the AWA PO Box or by charging a credit card through Square from a link on the invoice.


Pick up information will be provided following payment.

  • Primary image for the Dewalt Planer Knives and Head Auction Item

Current Bid:
by Simnacher

Dewalt Planer Knives and Head

5 New knives and the the head removed from a Dewalt DW735 13" planer

Catalogue Number: AWAOL 007

Time remaining: Expired


Bidding for this item has ended

Thanks for your support!

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Current Bid:
by ricknor

Pill Bottle Part Holder

This is a “PILL BOTTLE PARTS HOLDER” that I made about a year ago.

Actually, I made three sets - one I kept, one I gave away, and the third I earmarked to be included in one of our future AWA raffles. Well, since we aren’t going to be able to have a regular meeting for several more months, I decided to include it in our BULLETIN BOARD as an item for bid, the proceeds to go to the TOY PROJECT. The photo is of the completed holder, but the one you can bid on is actually a KIT, with all the pieces included, as well as a detailed set of instructions. All you would have to provide is the glue, sandpaper, and a finish. (Of course, a little bit of patience will help too.) This will give you something to occupy all your free time! EVERY woodworker needs someplace to store the screws, washers, bolts, nuts, and other little pieces and parts that accumulate in our shops. This holder sports a pair of feet to keep it from tipping over easily and a handle on top so you can transport it from its home to your workbench. One caution with this design - don’t rotate the shelf too far or you’ll end up playing “CHASE THE BOTTLES”!

The entire holder would fit in a box 4-3/4” deep X 18-1/2” wide X 20” high. Without the feet or the handle, it measures 2-7/8” deep X 16-5/8” wide X 18-1/4” high.


Catalogue Number: AWOL 008

Time remaining: Expired


Bidding for this item has ended

Thanks for your support!

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